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Thursday, September 11, 2008

from my kitchen to your.... computer screen!

My blog has been in the operating room and has emerged with a face lift. I kinda like it, but at first thought it was giving everything a yellow tint. So I decided to do some back reading to see if other posts/pictures looked yellow.

I stumbled across posts from when we had just moved in (January '08) and lots of empty house pictures. I then saw where I had promised pictures of my unpacked kitchen.... and never came through.

I'm glad I didn't though because it is just now to my standards. The only thing else I might want for it is a rooster picture, and I have been shopping carefully for the perfect one. I look everywhere I go.

My "theme" is warm neutral colors accented with fire engine red and black, peppered with roosters. I don't want my kitchen to turn into a junk haven, I just want a few rooster pieces. Right now I have a hanging iron rooster, a candle holder rooster for the table (which matched my place mats perfectly, accidentally!), a platter from belk that was marked down - put on sale - and I had a coupon for grand totaling a whopping 8 bucks and lastly, a statue rooster I found at Ross that was on clearance. I'm through with roosters, except for the picture. It will go where the fleur de lis "clock" is that never worked and I'm going to try and convert the "clock" into a trivet.

Yes, it is always this clean. Except for Sunday mornings during football season. After 12+ straight hours of football and snacks, all I want to do is go to bed while visions of Arenas and Tebow dance in my head. "I'll do it in the morning" I say.... every time.

For before pics, please visit here.


Jaime said...

Wow...I don't think my kitchen is EVER that clean. I don't know how you do it since you cook all the time. Of course mine was much cleaner before the little 2 1/2 month old monster came to live with us. Now I have this really cute decoration called clean bottles drying on my counters. ;)
Love your kitchen!!!!

deLa said...

yeah i left out the spot where we are housing tons of empty glass bottles for bradleys new idea, its in between the coffee maker and fridge. and he wont freakin move them!

i can imagine it will be much harder with the addition of children. but im so ocd about everything!

Nicole said...

Lovely kitchen! It is so neat and clean and perfect.

Anonymous said...

Looks GREAT!

Cynthia said...

I like clean kitchens too :)