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Friday, September 5, 2008

becoming a home....

This is my guest room

I want to make it into a "guest suite"

I do not know why. We've been living together for almost three years and so far we've had two people stay the night at the old house (that ended up falling asleep in the floor watching movies) and one stay the night here (and hes young and was just happy to spend the night away from home).

But maybe it is because we never had a guest suite to sweeten the deal.

I can see it now.......

*que harp*

*computer screen goes hazy and clears up to two people sitting at their kitchen table enjoying morning coffee and planning their holiday visiting*

"you know honey we should really go visit all our family in St Clair county."

"i do miss them so, but with gas so high we cant afford to drive all the way there and then stay in a hotel and eat out at expensive restaurants just to be near family"

"well i heard that deLa and bradley just finished their guest suite. you know they love to cook so we wouldn't go hungry"

"oh honey that is an excellent idea! i love you! let's never stay in a hotel again!!!!"

*back to reality*

SEE! This is what I'm missing out on with my messy guest room. No house guests!

I know what I want to do.... it is just putting it into action. The bedding is taken care of, it will be our old bedding ensemble:

So that is taken care of. Then I want a little reading area with a comfy chair and a small table and lamp. That will be in front of the window. I also want a bookshelf to put a tv/dvd player and house lots of DVDs and books if the guests need some time to themselves.

I also want one of those things in hotels that you set your suitcase on.

But I have one problem...... the room needs to be painted. I want it to be a color that is VERY calming and soothing. Something that will make them feel at home.

What color makes you feel comfortable and relaxed?? Please tell me!

Our bedroom is painted a grayish brownish blueish color. It was supposed to be chocolate milk color. I already know it goes with the bedding, should I just use that?

What amenities would you want to have while you were away from home? Anything else I need to add to my guest suite?

I need to know what you think, and you need to tell me.... because, who knows... YOU may be my first house guest!


AMANDA said...



Kim said...

Guest suite... that sounds very nice.

I like your description of the paint with your old bedroom stuff... Especially if you like it and it makes you relaxed.

I'm most relaxed when I'm looking at ANY COLOR EVER when the children are sleeping.

Nicole said...

Welcome back! We've missed you. I wish we had room for a guest suite. Hmmm... what would I want??? Depends on how long I were staying. I think the chair and bookshelf sounds great. What about a cool looking or vintage type of luggage holder/rack? A little basket with water and snacks when they arrive? Chocolates on the pillows.... When did you say I could come???? ;-)

That Girl said...

Back when we had a guest room, I always made sure we had special guest towels and a toiletry basket with all new toiletries for them to use (pretty wrapped soaps, shampoo, conditioner, lotion) Just like a hotel!

deLa said...

i love the snack idea and the vintage luggage rack idea.... ill have to ebay that!

my guest bathroom has all the little hotel soaps and shampoos and stuff. from actual hotels, haha, we are "those people"

Cynthia said...

I am inviting myself over. I like warm colours. I think you've got the other things covered already.