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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

what was your first?

Potato cakes were among the first things I ever made. Sauteed onions were also around in the beginning. There is just something about sauteing an onion when you are 5 that makes you think you rule the world. Staying the night at meme's always meant two things - unlimited food network consumption and potato cakes.

Now that I am a little older and know how to decide what add ins will be good for a dish, I have expanded on the traditional potato cake. Although, the basic recipe is still pretty awesome in my book. Bradley has never eaten one and I always say I'm going to make them but we never have left over mashed potatoes. Truth be told, anything made from a potato in this house isn't going to be here long. I used my 45 minute drive home from work yesterday to think about all the things that I love to put on my baked potato and came up with this recipe -

Loaded Potato Cakes
recipe by me

2 cups left over creamed/mashed potatoes - still cold
4 strips of bacon
1/4 - 1/2 sweet onion, diced
1 cup your favorite cheese
1 tbl spn flour
1 egg, beaten
your favorite breading - i used a flour cornmeal mix with special spices
oil for frying

cook the bacon and crumble it into the potatoes. add the onions to the bacon grease and let them become translucent, drain them from the grease and add to the potatoes. stir in the cheese, flour and egg.

heat a pot of oil.

take a spoon full of the potato mixture and form a ball shape , roll it in your breading and drop into the hot oil. cook until golden brown.



Jaime said...

I've never had potato cakes either. They look good though and I know Taylor would love them. He loves anything fried!

That Girl said...

Okay my Southern expert. Difference between a potato cake and hush puppy? Is it as simple as potato versus corn? Because I admit to having hush puppy dreams and long for my next fix, but I have never heard of a potato cake.

deLa said...

potato cakes are supposed to be patty like but i had jsut returned from the beach and was still a little lazy and it is easier to form a ball than a patty... so i went with it.

and the inside of these are mashed potatoes where as the inside of a hush puppy are cornbread. yum!! i love both!

Nicole said...

I want to try these!