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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Platinum Chef Challenge

I use to share an office with Jaime from "Burnt Toast" and one of our favorite things to discuss was food. What we cooked for dinner last night, what we were going to cook for dinner tonight, what new seasoning we found that the other one needed to try out.... you get the point. We are FOODIES :) In fact she is the reason that I started this blog. So, imagine my delight when I get an email from her clue-ing me in to this extremely fun contest that is completely centered around cooking!

It's called the Platinum Chef Challenge, and it all started here. Have you ever seen Iron Chef on food network? It is one of my favorite shows. Two great chefs enter and await the unveiling of the secret ingredient. Once it is revealed, they have one hour to take that ingredient and turn it into several different dishes and then they are judged on those dishes and a winner is chosen. I would love to do it! The dishes can be as simple as a bite sized appetizer or as complex as a multiple serving main dish.

The difference between the two, other than one is broadcast for the entire world to see and you pretty much have to be a famous chef to be on it, is that in this challenge, you get 5 secret ingredients.

This time around, the ingredients are:
cream (of any kind, as long as the word "cream" is in the name)

As soon as I saw the list I knew exactly the route I wanted to go. Seafood!!!! I immediately scribbled down the recipe and called my favorite grocery store to see if they had any fresh sea bass. They did not, but offered to order me some. That's why I love them and do all my shopping there.

My Platinum Chef entry will be:

Broiled Sea Bass with a Creamy Lemon Caper Sauce, served over a bed of Garlic Rosemary Leeks

Hopefully my fish will come in soon and I will be able to post up the experience before this weekend.

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