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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Welcome to my kitchen!

when i'm not cooking or watching someone else cook on tv.... i'm online reading recipes. amidst my plundering i came upon a co-worker's cooking blog. what a grand concept! now instead of bugging every one at work the next day, asking them to "guess what i cooked last night" i can bug the entire internet! tonight, like most every other night, i will be cooking dinner for my husband.... and i can't wait to post a blog about it tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

What a Great site. love your recipes!

Jaime said...

I'm so glad I inspired you. :) or I guess it was me. LOL

deLa said...

of course it was you!! i miss sitting up there with you and planning dinners

Anonymous said...

I have just been in AL for a week
and had a nice long visit with your Mom and Dad. Of course I had my fix of good ol southern cooking.
Your Mom told me about your blog --
what an interesting idea and your recipes sound delicious. After a week of the Carole diet, I will give a few a try. See you next time!! Aunt Carole