Blog number two.... it might explain my current lack of enthusiasm for blog number 1

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

4th and 4th

Jaime tagged me to go to my fourth folder and upload my fouth picture.

I only have two picture folders, one is a catch all and one is a holding tank for blog photos. After I upload them to here I delete them to save space on this dino.

So how bout a pic from the 1st and 4th??

This is me at my fiesta wedding shower thrown by my office. This expression came with the sentence "why are you taking a picture of this??" I had spilled the drink on myself, haha!

That's a weight I wouldn't mind getting back to....... sigh!!

I tag........ amanda, je yall and annemarie


Paige M said...

What a cute picture! I have been catching up on your blog! I'm so excited about your new recipes! Josh has always been a healthy eater. I struggle to find tasty meals that'll fill him up! Can't wait to try some! And congrats on your 6 lbs. You're beautiful!!

Nicole said...